Saturday, April 22, 2006

American whistleblower fired over CIA leak

The Associated Press reports that the CIA has fired one of its employees for leaking classified information about secret CIA prisons in Eastern European countries.

The employee who was fired, Mary McCarthy, was looking into allegations the CIA was involved in torture at Iraqi prisons.

The AP reports CIA director Peter Goss saying, "The damage has been very severe to our capabilities to carry out our mission."

Translation: The lead made it harder for the CIA and the US government to hide and deny that it is kidnapping and torturing people across the globe under the pretext of the war on terrorism.

Good for you Mary McCarthy. Sorry you got fired, but maybe at least you can live out your retirement with a clearer conscience. You've done a great service to us all by not allowing American torture to go unreported.

Maybe someone can set up a small fund for people to make donations to in order to offset the loss of Mary's salary. Whistleblowers should be rewarded, not fired.


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