Sunday, July 30, 2006

The coming cease fire?

On Friday as I was returning home from Abdoun circle, i found myself stuck in traffic as a UN convoy slowly progressed across the city.

The convoy consisted of maybe 10-12 flatbed trucks carrying shipping containers, small vehicles, light trucks and armoured vehicles, all painted white, with "UN" painted on the sides. It was being escorted by Jordanian police cars and army Humvees.

Was this going to be part of Jordan's contribution to an international force designed to seperate Israeli and Hizbollah forces? The armoured vehicles were exactly the type used by Jordanian security forces, the kind you see parked outside the US embassy 24 hours a day.

Maybe they were on their way to Iraq, but I couldn't help thinking that behind the scenes a cease-fire for Lebanon was in the works. Jordan has frequently participated in peacekeeping missions across the world, has a well-trained professional army, and has signed a peace treaty with Israel. Jordan is also a predominantly Muslim country, which may make their participation more acceptable to Hizbollah.

Rice is now back in Israel and it seems there is growing momentum for a ceasefire. Israel's war has proven a total disaster for Israel, Lebanon and the region. The initial goals of destroying or disarming Hizbollah have been vastly scaled back, and I think everyone is looking for a way out.

Was any of the killing and destruction worth it? When will countries stop engaging in these wars of choice? When will humans stop being so easily seduced by the sick allure of violence?


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