Friday, April 28, 2006

Iraq: a pillar of stability in the Middle East

US Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice yesterday said that differences in Iraq were, "being overcome by politics and compromise, not by violence and not by repression," making Iraq "a tremendous pillar of stability through the Middle East."

That's ironic, seeing as every report I've come across and plain common sense shows that Iraq has become a major destabilizing force in the region. Among the major destabilizing factors are the proliferation of sectarian, criminal and private militias in Iraq, that al-Qaida is using the conflict in Iraq to gain new members and spread their activities into countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, that the sectarian violence in Iraq is worsening relations between Sunnis and Shittes throughout the Middle East and South East Asia, that the chaos in Iraq has helped in the spread of small arms to all of Iraq's neighbors and that the US has lost what remaining shreds of credibility it had in the region.

It's nice to know that differences in Iraq are being overcome by politics and not violence. I mean, watching US raids and bombing campaigns, the sectarian killings, the Badr-led death squads of the Interior Ministry, the kidnappings, murders, assassinations and extortion, I thought that a lot of differences were being dealt with through violence. I guess I just wasn't looking at the positive like Condi does.

Now it looks like the US is going to help bring even greater stability to the region by bombing Iran. I mean, organizing riots of Iran's southern ethnic Arab minorities has not stablized the country enough, so it looks like we'll have to bomb Iran to make sure and stabilize it like we've done in Iraq.

As for Palestine, those nasty Hamas and PLO guys have really caused so much destabilization through their open, fair and free democratic elections that the US and Israel have decided they must starve and mutilate the whole Palestinian population through almost total restriction of movement, occaisional airstrikes and assassinations of political leaders and broad punitive sanctions that are already leading to higher levels of disease, malnutrition and underdevelopment in the Occupied Territories.

I mean, having Hamas moderate through its participation in mainstream politics was really undermining the peace and stability of the whole Muslim world, so the US will just have to let Israel kill them all. Clearly that will bring some much needed balance and stability to the region.


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