Sunday, August 06, 2006

death, discrimination and morality

Statistics are great but they hide the fact that for each of those numbers was once a human being. I don't mean to throw any of these numbers about blithely.

But but look at some of these numbers.

The Lebanese government is now stating that about 900 people have died in the bombing, counting people who may still be buried under the rubble of their homes.

That number far exceeds the number of Hizbollah fighters killed. I think Hizbollah claims 50 of it's fighters were killed, while Israel claims it was 400. Probably both are false, and we'll probably never know the real number, but still, civilians killed far outweighs the number of fighters killed.

Israel reports that seventy-nine Israelis have died, 46 soldiers and 33 civilians. Hizbollah claims Israeli military deaths as higher, but again, who knows.

So Hizbollah, firing blindly into heavily populated areas of Israel, has killed statistically fewer Israeli civilians, than Israel, using the latest technology: satellites, infrared, drones, special forces, guided missles, etc., has killed Lebanese civilians. By far.

And they claim that this strategy is designed to defeat Hizbollah and isolate it from the rest of Lebanon?

On another note, watching Tucker Carlson, an unapologetic right-wing anchor on MSNBC, almost made me sick. He was shocked and finally giving the Israeli ambassodor (or someone from the Israeli government) a hard time. Why? Because Israel had attacked bridges in a Christian area of Lebanon.

So for Tucker it's ok if Israel is killing off all those Muslims. I guess he thinks Muslims are all a bunch of murderous thugs anyway, so what does it matter. But the Christians?? The innocent sweet Christians of Lebanon?

The ignorance is astounding! In many trips to Lebanon I have heard Christians speak of their admiration for Hizbollah. Hizbollah extends much of its social work in the south to Christians in need. I've heard Christians praise Nasrallah, and say, "Why don't we have anyone like him?" This is a direct quote. And Hizbollah recently formed an alliance with the former Christian General Aoun. I've heard others say Hizbollah was driving the country to civil war. I heard Muslims say that too.

Does Tucker think that the Israeli bombs falling all over Lebanon are sparing the Christians, only killing the Muslims and Druze? I would like to ask Tucker if he thinks it's ok if the bombs are killing those innocent Muslim civilians and blowing up their neighborhoods, because that is what he clearly implied.

And why doesn't Tucker seem to care about the Christian Palestinians that Israel also beats, bombs, starve and detain. Does he know there are Christians in Gaza? Does he understand that the Christian population is rapidly dwindling because of the desperation and hopelessness of many Palestinians in general.

Such thinking as Tucker Carlson displays is disgusting. And the ignorance is just sickening, because it's smug idiots like him who help form public opinion in America.

Tucker! The world is not black and white! Christians are not always the heros and victims, Muslims aren't always the villians and perpetrators! An innocent civilian is an innocent civilian no matter what he or she believes. And bombs falling from the sky, like bombs strapped to people's waists, don't discriminate based on your criteria of good and bad.


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