Sunday, August 13, 2006

The non-cease fire

The cease fire in Lebanon is clearly dead on arrival.

The US-French brokered UN Security Council Resolution 1701 has been accepted by everyone, and will be honored by no one.

Among the unacceptable aspects of the ceasefire are:

It calls for Hizbollah to be disarmed. No one can disarm Hizbollah but Hizbollah, and they will not give up their weapons, especially after this war.

It allows Israel to keep it's troops in Lebanon for an undetermined amount of time. What kind of cease fire is it if Israel is continuing to pour troops into Lebanon and is dropping commandos into the country?

It does nothing to settle the issue of Sheba farms, which is the pretext Hizbollah has used to keep its weapons in the first place.

It says nothing about an exchange of prisoners, which is one of the main reasons the war started in the first place.

These are certain signs that the fighting will continue well beyond the Monday deadline for a ceasefire.

Forget all the talk about the ceasefire. You can expect this war to continue, probably without much pause at all, for some time yet.


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