Saturday, August 26, 2006

Israel's insecurity wall

I haven't posted much recently because of a lot of travel and now plannning for 4 events we are holding in the beginning of September. In the meantime here is an excellent article on the seperation wall Israel is building in Palestine.

Look at the picture below and any arguements in favor of the wall are exposed as fronts for the real purpose-- taking as much land as possible and isolating Palestinian population centers from that land.

Notice how close the wall comes to the Palestinian homes, and actually cuts off the homes from the small patch of trees? See how open the land is just a few dozen meters away? If the wall is strictly for security, as Israeli policy makers publically claim, why couldn't it be built on the vast empty space, instead of as close as possible to the Palestinian homes? Why did it have to take this meager agricultural land from the town or village?

What is not yet apparent from the picture is the "security zone" that buffers the wall. Take a few more meters from the right side of the wall (as shown in the picture), and you'll see that the land taken will actually extend almost to the walls of some of the houses.

This is supposed to bring Israel security? I don't think so.


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